Political Cartoons: Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Printables

Political Cartoons: Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Printables
Political Cartoons: Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Printables

Political Cartoons are the Gold Standard of understanding history.  If my students can understand a political cartoon from a past time period, then I feel like they really get it.

So here are some lesson plans, worksheets, and printables using political cartoons that I found using Search PlanIt.

What a powerful lesson plan from “Teaching Tolerance”, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I would think this lesson plan would be appropriate for a wide range of high school students and middle school students, depending in their maturity levels.  Students are introduced to the concept of political cartoons, and then they use those skills to analyze multiple cartoons on such meaningful concepts as intolerance, gay rights, and language diversity.  I e-mailed this lesson plan to myself right away!

This lesson plan on FDR has a section entitled “A Crossroads Resource: Using Political Cartoons”.  There you will find objectives and questions to create a quick political cartoon worksheet for your high school students.  The general objectives are a great set of questions for all of the cartoons you use in your lesson plans, while the specific objectives might make a great political cartoon worksheet to review the New Deal.

But go ahead and look at all the political cartoon lesson plans that you can find with Search PlanIt.  As always, everyone appreciates the small amount of time that you take to rate the lesson plans you find.

And please don’t forget one of the coolest things about Search PlanIt – You can share the best lesson plans you find with just one click!

Look for these buttons   (Twitter, Facebook, Print, E-Mail)

They are at the bottom of the results page or in the popup box on individual lesson plans where it says “share these results”.  Just click the icon and share your lesson plan results with your colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, or by sending an e-mail!

Thank you for using Search PlanIt!



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