The Great Gatsby: Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Printables

The Great Gatsby: Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Printables
The Great Gatsby: Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Printables

As a history teacher I have always loved this story.  So I thought I might share some lesson plans, worksheets, and printables over The Great Gatsby that I found with Search PlanIt.

Here’s a quick Great Gatsby printable worksheet that is a crossword puzzle review for the novel.  Look under Books/Literature and click on The Great Gatsby. I think this crossword would be handy as a ready-to-go activity.

Here are some lesson plan activities for The Great Gatsby from “Outta Ray’s Head”.  They include a settings map and also a Facebook activity to use with the novel.  You might need to format the settings map printable a bit before it is ready, but I think the concept is great.  And don’t worry, the Facebook project uses, but what a really cool idea!

But here is the full list of Great Gatsby lesson plans, worksheets, and printables I found with Search PlanIt.  Please be sure to take a quick second to rate the Great Gatsby lesson plans that you find.  It affects the results for every teacher that will search for Gatsby lesson plans after you!

And please don’t forget one of the coolest things about Search PlanIt – You can share the best lesson plans you find with just one click!

Look for these buttons   (Twitter, Facebook, Print, E-Mail)

They are at the bottom of the results page or in the popup box on individual lesson plans where it says “share these results”.  Just click the icon and share your lesson plan results with your colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, or by sending an e-mail!

Thank you for using Search PlanIt!

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